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James Bellefeuille is a digital strategist, technologist, and entrepreneur. Feel free to contact James about interviews, speaking engagements, business opportunities and getting back in touch. You can follow James' blog at

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Career History

Founder @ Viewswagen.

Digital Marketing Strategist @ Attorneysync.

Internet Marketing Manager at a Law Firm.

International Business Development Analyst @ 3M.

James was born in Grand Junction, Colorado. He moved to Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota in 1999. He is an alumni of The University of Saint Thomas. James has been working in advertising, marketing and web technology since 2001.  

When not working on Viewswagen, James enjoys travel, coffee, wine, whiskey and cooking at home.

About James

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different .”

- Michael Porter

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James Bellefeuille

Co-Founder @ Viewswagen.


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